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Multimedia Law

#Computer Law

This article was written for a law module whilst I attended university. I hope you enjoy reading this article and please remember this is not fact just one mans humble opinion.

Critically consider the extent to which the law in relation to IP rights adequately protects the interests of Multimedia and Audiovisual professionals.

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NTFS File Permissions in Windows XP
#Windows Security

Circumventing NTFS in Windows XP
Part One in a Series Called: Learn From My Mistakes by Tom_Bombadil

Letís say you have found yourself locked out of some NTFS folders in windows XP. Accessing them is actually quite simple and all of it can be done from within windows XP. All of this is of course assuming you have physical access to the computer. read the article

Designing Shellcode


Although tedious and abstract, shellcoding is an important skill
to learn in order to understand the underlying concepts of computer
systems. Shellcode is also important for the understanding of computer
security where shellcode is used to exploit vulnerable applications. In
this article, we will be working on Linux using the IA-32(x86)
architecture. Knowledge of C and IA-32 assembly, as well as knowledge
of how to use gdb is helpful.
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A simple client/server application in Python

One of the most interesting feature in a programming language (in my point of view) is the ability to program sockets, that establishes a direct connection on various ports of a computer either waiting for a connection ( server model) or sending information to an already open port ( client model). The language here will be Python.
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Winnuke the technical side

A technical explanation of the OOB packets vulnerablility behind the Winnuke program.

Winnuke is a DoS attack involving sending OOB packets (Out Of Band) to a Windows box. The attack consists of sending OOB packets on the netbios port(139) of that machine. The operating system not expecting that type of data will crash or freeze usually resulting in seeing the "Blue Screen Of Death" (BSOD). The main vulnerable systems are Windows 95 and Windows NT. A program was written to do all that and called Winnuke.
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